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The kitchen is the heart of the home, however, in the past it was always a separate room. This year, the design of kitchens are important in developing character in the home, whilst blending harmoniously with the rest of the house. Today, trends have moved towards open-planned living, giving you the opportunity in blending your kitchen with your dining and lounge areas. In doing so, families can spend more time together, in todays time-poor era.


We help you with the key elements of kitchen design, such as functionality features and new technology integration. This may include, simple USB power points insertions to charge mobile phones, iPad mounts to read your favorite recipes online whilst cooking, fridges that tell you what groceries you have available, or fully integrated appliances which can be turned on remotely. All these choices, ensure you have the perfect kitchen design that’s right for you and your family needs. 


Let’s face it - anyone can make a kitchen look amazing with a few ideas and an open cheque book, but that’s not what Jim’s Kitchens is about. We help you get creative and innovative to stay within your budget. So, have a look through those glossy magazines and tear out those pages you love (if it’s your magazine!), browse through Pinterest and come up with your favourite pages, have a chat to your friends or partner about your ideas. Then, give a Jim’s Kitchens professional a call to help you with your dream kitchen.


Jim’s Kitchens blend complimentary pallets of materials, finishes, lighting, textures and colours. We're the experts in kitchen design, here to create your dream kitchen. 


Call 131546 or fill in the Contact form and speak to a Jim’s Kitchens professional today.